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Vitavox is a division of Secomak Ltd

Vitavox have been providing the Toughest Blast Proof Naval Loudspeakers, Microphones and tactical vehicle communication systems in the World.

Vitavox has been producing Naval quality loudspeakers and Microphones for over 70 years. They are used extensively throughout NATO Navies, Other Navies & RN, RAN & RNZN. The overwhelming majority of loudspeakers & microphones on RN, RAN & RNZN warships are manufactured by Vitavox.

VITAVIC 400 is a software defined, sophisticated, reliable technical solution for tactical communications system inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicles.

The maritime environment demands reliability and durability. This is further compounded by the requirements of a fighting ship or submarine. Because reliability and durability has been designed into our products they are the best available. The watertight loudspeakers are shockproof and blastproof and are type tested to 70 G force guaranteeing years of operational service, endurance and reducing the maintenance and through life costs.

The Vitavox Outacom when fitted to AFV’s as a less than lethal effects option allows the armed forces to deal with challenging situations, minimizing any impact on bystanders or other collateral effects and reduce the risk of inadvertently using lethal force.

Vitavox produces Naval quality Loudspeakers, Microphones and Sound Powered Inserts for all classes of Naval ships, Submarines & vehicular installations for dry, watertight, shock/blast/sand//dust proof applications.

ATI also provides a complete overhaul and repair service for all Secomak microphone and speaker products with as new warranty.

Featured Products



A fully qualified vehicle mounted tactical Public Address (PA) system for use on all tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles


A tactical vehicle loudhailer system designed specifically for messaging and alarms with all the benefits and features of the OUTACOM™


VITAVIC 400 is a true Software Defined (SD) fully digital intercom. The system has been designed to work with and integrate in the field

Combat Net Radio Monitor

3-Way radio monitor for vehicles and installations that do not require either a harness or an intercom.

Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker

The Vitavox Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker has been designed and developed as an External Output Module (EOM)


Boasting a rugged design for integration with existing intercom and on-board warning systems (BMS, NBC, Shot Detection)

Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers

Vitavox main broadcast and intercom loudspeakers are current stock items for Australian, New Zealand and UK Royal Navy.

Compact Submarine Loudspeaker Microphone

Watertight, pressure-tight 5 watt loudspeaker and talkback microphone designed for use in hyperbaric conditions on submarines

UHF Headset

Designed and manufactured to transmit ship or boat main broadcast to crew in high noise environments whilst offering good acoustic protection.

Magnetic Loop Headset

Designed and manufactured as a ship’s main broadcast magnetic loop receiver system with comfortable, passive attenuation

Type B90 Microphone

Vitavox Type B90 Noryl hand-held microphone, with ‘Press-to-Talk’ switch is fully watertight (noise cancelling excepted)

Type B60 Watertight Microphone

Vitavox Type B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in all exposed conditions and designed for use in the gloved hand.

Battery-Powered Emergency Handsets

Vitavox Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is based on previously employed handsets but with significant enhancements reflecting user requirements.